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- Missoni,Converse launched the Chuck Taylor All-Star
- CONVERSE canvas utopia show up Jinshan Beach
- Converse "canvas things" font show
- Even the "point" into "line" play trend
- Winter Quarter adidas training Jacket

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 Missoni,Converse launched the Chuck Taylor All-Star Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

United States brand launched and converse Premiere One Star, One Star Plaid series shoes, retro lines for the highlights, in a classic All Star shoes-big show on the Visual creation. This set of Premiere One Star gives the first impression is an intense retro feeling, choose the first layer  new balance 996 women of leather, telegraphed across the years of steady texture, elegant leather edge and fine material selection makes it intriguing, will have more long years of life with you. This group to you grain for highlights of One Star series, ingenious and implicit of will urbane of you grain and star shaped flag combined in together, mosaic into shoes body side Department of you grain fabric added has shoes paragraph of details, also of fabric also appeared in has One Star of within lining and laces design in the, more has slender light of One Star Pro Low shoes paragraph, all revealed out know sexual elegant of style.

The late 60 United States, full of rock and roll dream of young people he has short hair, the volume is turned up, to find his own way in his makeshift garage try a variety of new musical forms, with their unique vision to look at the world, free to give vent to their self. This quarter wave inspired rock Chuck Taylor All Star series, extensive use of real graffiti effect of fine or coarse canvas new balance 595 mens washing process, showing the low-key gorgeous rock passion without losing the attitude and passion. This fall, let us together through that both seem to have their own independent soul shoe, with ears that dense and fascinating music, weave or psychedelic, or clamorous or softness or hardness of the voice of the times, recalling that era lost glory.

Italy Chief knitted Missoni, jointly launched jointly with the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star shoes. This joint, tide brand Converse to the streets together with Italy origin, Missoni classic color printing of knitted saw-tooth pattern on the upper, exude a strong ethnic flavor. This pair of shoes in the United States priced $ 200, what? An ordinary Missoni vest almost 800 dollars for it.

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 CONVERSE canvas utopia show up Jinshan Beach Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

CONVERSE First String series and the special project planning Director Ian Ginoza said: "Chuck Taylor All Star as first of a paragraph basketball movement shoes, experience has long of and music, and art, and culture, area of combined, played into has a unprecedented of new balance 1300 australia independent spirit, and from CLOT body, you also can easily found same of temperament and spirit, they has been is committed to create Asia fashion of original of sound. "In order to preserve the classic Chuck Taylor All Star temperament, CLOT through his shaft a few details given its unique connotation different from the past, such as at the edge of rubber toe has a CONTRAST COLOR rubber patch attached; or with delicate and subtle silks to highlight the CLOT logo. All these create a both minimalist and fashionable temperament both material tiling. Whole group with Black canvas and light grey suede two to choose from.

Unique of Jinshan Beach Shang, ear is sing of youth melody, and front is enjoy with presumptuous years people--since establishment yilai on and music has indissoluble bond of CONVERSE with it of giant tent and skateboard team came to heat wave music section, will Youth Declaration, and independent music, and skateboard movement, contains in canvas culture within of element put to most conspicuous of location, only to will live of free color coated full women new balance 501 entire music section, let people joined which experience real of music orgy. CONVERSE tent jinshanrebo Music Festival in Shanghai Beach scene, such that eye all were filled with the youth wherever the idealism of the color labels to occupy.

Chuck Taylor All Star black as the base color 3D printing technology through advanced, shoes known as you lay out the full momentum of skyscraper buildings, seemingly low-key but people never forget, constitute a block building star seems fuzzy at night lights, like the night of "nebulae" shining in the sky. Hip-hop culture and graffiti art to pursue freedom as integral to this paragraph appears in the shoes of a pattern as if the perfect combination of photographs and graffiti art, looking down the street at random drips falling paint intertwined, forming a picture of a real magic scene, intriguing. Each time we refer to when One Star, Star favorite this One Star 1974 shoes must not ignore! There is a very strong sense of fine suede material, full of tall external structure, precise shaft alignment make it a seasonal rotation of many years later still shines. This theme to New Jersey team color for color inspiration One Star 1974 ⅱ dazzling red, unlimited play.

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 Converse "canvas things" font show Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Julius Erving says "Converse new balance 574 womens Pro Leather shoes as a pair of far-reaching historical significance in the history of basketball shoes, 'Dr. J' call is widely known, and I can still clearly remember wearing it good ride for the game in the past, I also tested for it can survive the years still feel sincere joy of radiant! "Julius Erving in this shoes walking through the golden age of his basketball career. His style and his character has become a legend inside and outside the stadium. This new complex carved basketball shoe is designed to pay tribute to him and reprints, it symbolizes a pair of shoes can be permanently changed basketball miracle. ESCADA SPORT clothes for 2011 early autumn series, full of interesting induced by 70 colour and pattern, ESCADA SPORT inspired design philosophy, full of soft elements such as Fashion, urban glamour and youth; while the bright bright yellow for the series on the smudge a new sense of Xian. Gray go with needle-like stripes of pink and red, reinterpreting the full suit jacket, a type of cells and other cool sense of style, "boyfriend" neutral wind deduction most vividly.

Converse in order to support the Beijing design week this year, held a street-oriented font exhibition--"canvas things". As part of the Beijing international design week 2011, converse planned the event, an unprecedented exhibition points to the streets of the capital city, thriving creative culture reach those landmarks. Tap into behind the brand's history, the exhibition emphasizes  womens new balance 420 two indispensable elements in the converse brand culture: text and fonts. "Canvas things" well-known fonts are rendered works of artists. They are from a wide variety of graphic design and text-art, street graffiti in the world of selective, fonts rendered final creations successfully reflected the creative class for youth culture and the canvas in two phases combined, filter into the Beijing independent music, art, fashion, and fun scene in the skateboard world.

This group no doubt fashion series men's inspiration comes from the last few quarters hot uniform style, ruthless and tough is that they label, olive green hooded long trench coat is one of the most eye-catching item in the series, detachable hooded design with multi functional bag is for the wearer has made a significant consideration. In addition, the shirt collar short nylon jacket, lamb's sweater and overalls in essence follows the uniform at the same time adding more details, especially collar ring and lined with a dash of brilliant color Plaid design, is a crowning touch.

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 Even the "point" into "line" play trend Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Fashion is the cycle, in their essence and the dross, a moment were popular in the 50 's of the last century the polka dot. Adidas NEO LABEL has become the new symbol of current, hand-painted special wave texture as the jumping notes in this season's designs were widely used from the supra skytop 3 australia tee and windproof jackets, black and white and powder blue CONTRAST COLOR, more youthful vitality. Adidas NEO LABEL products designed for this season and the previous House/maximum, added to the basic elements that most boomers, the original bright solid color stitching and being replaced by a wave of the hand-painted, continuation of the adidas NEO LABEL, the youngest, most spirit jump, and very creative.

Adidas Adidas NEO LABEL of the brand with the most youthful sports lifestyle brand, leading youth lifestyle, provides a sense of design, functionality, good and excellent current single and tie-in series. Special wave hand-painted texture as the jumping notes in this season's designs were supra tk society australia widely used from the tee and windproof jackets, black and white and blue CONTRAST COLOR, enhance the vitality. SanLiTun adidas global brand Center transformed, becomes a huge work of art, exaggerated a lot of clover pattern from Singapore artist Jahan Loh's hands. SanLiTun Village Square is latest series by creating the adidas Originals A.039 exhibition space. Proportionally magnified exponentially, several people above the giant table lamp, tape recorders and cassette, black box, round glasses ... ... Consumers stay during glimpse of General roaming country full of fresh and interesting, also showed A.039 series theme this season--"nerd".

Adidas NEO LABEL to "all go" brand spirit as the theme, the SanLiTun in Beijing sparked a whirlwind of youth and color. This time, adidas NEO LABEL brand advocates Go hand in hand not only Squad Renaissance leading show, the new generation idols model, Angelababy and Baihao Zhou, together with models, perfect interpretation of the new spring/summer 2011, invitation to Miss young's dominoes world record holder Ma Lihua, knocked the establishment shows the central large adidas NEO LABEL Domino, this created the domestic Dominos interior designs a new record of cross-border cooperation, Is complete with Ma Lihua leads a Domino enthusiasts, this event an excellent interpretation of the adidas NEO LABEL GO SQUAD Renaissance leading show are piling up personal dreams, reflect the new trend of self.

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 Winter Quarter adidas training Jacket Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Ethan Ruan and Li bingbing are typical of urban sports enthusiasts, even in the cold of winter, never stopped movement, everything in practice promoted by adidas "campaign-free winter" this philosophy. For a selection of winter sports equipment, they also have very high supra shoes australia requirements. Outdoor sports enthusiasts Ethan Ruan said: "I really liked the urban movement, but in the winter when doing sports such as soccer and winter swimming, be sure to choose a suitable down jacket, before and after exercise to protect your health, avoid exercise before and after body temperature difference caused by the common cold. Adidas winter jacket this season is I really like down jackets, it not only has a good trim and exceptional thermal effects, and pattern design has a lot of character, to help me truly not afraid of cold, everything they put on the winter city-wide campaign. "Li bingbing also expressed views on the winter sports, she said:" I was born in the North have always been fond of winter sports, such as ice skating, I will select appropriate clothing for outdoor wear, adidas winter jacket I'm wearing today, both vibrant color and unique trim, can make beautiful sports girls love this winter, fell in love with the city campaign.

Actions should have "fixed"! About companions on, replace it with the new adidas NEO LABEL winter light and warm, bright and fun Down Garment, to outdoor! Winter is coming, winter silence compared to previous years, this winter, started a number of new expectations. In this beautiful season, no longer willing to do cold, alone would not only appear on the scene. Actions supra skytop 2 australia should have "fixed"! About companions on, replace it with the new adidas NEO LABEL winter light and warm, bright and fun Down Garment, to outdoor! Bright and fresh sweater, light jacket, hit the eye sparkle of light down, warm, plush short boots, let your current model impeccable! Heat not afraid of cold, this winter, open, play with us to HIGH.

Tumi loyal to the concept of good design, functional excellence and technical innovation to become the world's most discerning and demanding traveler of choice. Tumi's products are all reflect its core elements of the brand: unbeatable performance, precision design of superior quality and complete. Adidas NEO LABEL David? Beckham high-end series draw inspiration from David Beckham cool sense of style, using superior fabrics combined with a low profile and details of smart design, sports with unique and delicate texture, provide more noble and comfortable choice for mature of you. Adidas NEO LABEL David Beckham high-end series draw inspiration from David Beckham cool sense of style, using superior fabrics combined with a low profile and details of smart design, sports with unique and delicate texture, provide more noble and comfortable choice for mature of you.

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